Friday, January 15, 2010

Smoking: 201 Resons to Quit

Genre: Health/Tobacco
Author: Muriel L. Crawford

201 Reasons To Quit is exactly what it’s advertized to be. A frank no nonsense list of all the reasons to quit smoking, or, more importantly, never start. With a powerful forward by actor, Jack Klugman, who almost lost a career to throat cancer, the book starts off with a poignant plea; Quit Smoking!

201 is broken up into bite sized chunks of easy to read information, each presenting a statement of fact and followed by discussion, statistics, medical findings and common sense. Taken individually, you can say, “so what.” Confronted with 201 facts and the message becomes powerful. Crawford takes the reader from the obvious to obscure, giving points most of us never thought about. For instance, did you know that smokers are 50 – 75 percent more likely to have a motor vehicle accident? Are at a much greater risk of falling. More prone to frost bite. Are having a major impact on their pets health. This book discusses the impact on the smoker, sure; but it also presents the smokers impact on you and me. It is very complete. I did some research of my own and could only come up with one other reason. Did you know that your computer warranty could be voided if the case contains a significant amount cigarette smoke residue?

The message is compelling, but only if you listen. I know a lot of smokers and every single one of them knows the downside. They also don’t want to be preached at, be controlled and most of all, be told to quit. The book doesn’t preach, it simply lays out the facts. It is a great tool for when you are ready.

I recommend 210 Reasons To Quit as a gift for your smoking friends, or as a smoker, as a gift to yourself. It does not have the power to make someone quit, but it will certainly help them when they’re ready. And it just might keep someone from starting.
Reviewed by reviewer Gregory J. Saunders, Allbooks Review,

Publisher: Dillon & Parker Publishing, LLC,
ISBN: 978-0-9819590-0-9
Price $15.56
Dec. 2009

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