Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hidden in the Sun


Genre: Adventure/Romance

Author: CA Bodiford

Author, CA Bodiford, has written an adventure filled story. Sarah is content living the single life, when she reconnects with someone from her past. They marry and the real saga begins. Sarah finds herself as the wife of a wealthy man and with a seemingly charmed life. As their relationship changes, violence and deceitfulness destroy her world. Fleeing for her life, she must start all over again in a new life with a new identity.

Meanwhile, Jackson, a police detective, is working the case of a missing woman who seemingly was harmed and kidnapped. The case goes terribly wrong and he, too, seeks refuge in a new place.

A chance encounter brings the two main characters together, yet they can never fully love until they learn to trust one another. Will they be able to forget their past lives and move on, or will their lives remain Hidden in the Sun.

Ms. Bodiford has created believable and endearing characters with “sit on the edge of your seat” circumstances. Adult situations and language, along with graphic details, limit this book to mature readers.

Recommended for anyone wishing to escape in the pages of a good book!
Reviewed by: Donetta Garman, Allbooks Review

Publisher: Publish America
ISBN: 978-1-61582-748-0
List price: $19.95
January 2010
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Self Murder

Genre: Fiction

Author: Robert Scott Leyse

SELF-MURDER. “Do you dare to fall in love?” asks the narrator of Self-Murder, and
then answers by detailing an instance of attraction to a "breath-stealing" beauty, which swiftly becomes an obsessive fixation, such that all else melts from his awareness, his sanity is stretched to its limits and madness threatens to engulf him.
Thus begins the tale of a man who plays mind games with himself as he invites you “dear reader” to follow him down the pathways of a developing criminal mind.

Of course, like many of those who follow this pathway, his problem is totally the fault of beautiful women. His lust is not his lust. It is all the fault of the beautiful and mysterious curves of young and supple women. The narrator visits peep shows and solicits young women for excesses in sensual delights, and adds prolonged sleep deprivation to erode his tenuous hold on rationality. What is real and what is imagined become totally confused to the point where both narrator and reader wonder if murder or even several murders take place before the end.

This is a good/fun read, though a tad confusing at times. But what would you expect
when entering the mind of the insane. A note to women: This is not a character you would ever want to meet. He is the extreme example of men who blame women for all their woes.

As previously mentioned, the style can be confusing because you are taken into an
increasingly unstable mind. I enjoyed the romp maybe because I rooted for the girls and wished one of them would put an end to his madness by being crazier than him

Robert Scott Leyse was born in San Francisco, grew up in various locales about America, lived in Paris for a spell, and now resides in Manhattan. He has worked as a New York cab driver, on the night shift, and has over a dozen years of experience in the legal field. His first novel, Liaisons for Laughs: Angie & Ella's Summer of Delirium appeared in July, 2009.

Self-Murder is his second novel. Visit him online at:
"This is a good/fun read I can highly recommend to readers searching for something different and don't mind entering the mind of the insane." Reviewer: Peter Klein, Allbooks Reviews.

Publisher: ShatterColors Press
ISBN: 978-0-9821710-2-8
Pages: 224
Price: $26.95
Jan, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dragon's Hat: Who was Noah?

Genre: Religious Fiction
Author: Jack Dunn

Oliver and Justine visit Eridu, now known as Abu Shah Rain, southeast of Baghdad. They return to the Enki’s temple to retrieve the Tablet of Time that they hid on their last visit. Unfortunately, someone has removed it and other artifacts in their absence.
Meanwhile, back in New York City Jonathan and Lisa, who work for the Whiting Foundation attempt to discover the truth about the Private Security Company and the CIA’s involvement. There is some evidence that the Vatican is also involved.
Father Luke and Father Joshua follow the trail of the tablets to Berlin. The trail leads them to the Berlin Zoo, where the tablets surface, but are guarded by evil spirit who is attempting to sell them.
How do these 6 characters come together and what will they discover? Are the beliefs of the world’s religions, both current and ancient, the same after all? Is one faith’s God the same as another, with only slight variations on the legends and stories? Who was Noah and how does he influence modern day destiny?
Jack Dunn’s previous books, The Vatican Boys and Babylon’s Tablet of Destiny introduce his theories and talent for intense research. The books are works of fiction, but the author gives readers something to think about with his conspiracy theory and covert operations. His spin on the religious folklore is interesting.
Recommended by Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review.
Publisher: Raider Publishing
ISBN: 978-1935383956
Jan. 2010


Genre: Adventure/Mystery

Author: Paul J. Mila

In Pakistan, a U.S. Navy Seal uncovers a terrorist plot against
America, somehow involving the Queen of England. The details are
murky, but the potential for death and destruction are terrifying. The
CIA and New York police department must work quickly to uncover the
details and prevent a disaster.
Fireworks, is the third in a series by Paul Mila about Terry and Joe
Manetta and their heroic dolphin friend, Notchka. Happily raising
their children in the beautiful tourist island of Cozumel, Mexico, the
couple is called upon by the NYPD to help prevent a terrorist attack
against the Queen Mary and New York City. Notchka's keen dolphin
instincts, with help from Terry's training, proves indispensable, but
the threat doesn't end there, and the family finds themselves deeply
entrenched in the terrorists' plans.
Paul J. Mila is an avid scuba enthusiast, with great respect for the
conservation of the ocean and the creatures in it, often appearing at
speaking engagements on the subject. As well as having written the
three books in this series, his underwater photography has appeared in
magazines and websites.
Fireworks is a cleverly written novel, filled with not only
adventure and entertainment, but with many informative facts about
every facet of the story, from dolphins and scuba diving, to New York
and Cozumel. It is quickly apparent that the author has real
experience in the areas of which he writes, which is crucial for
producing a novel that involves such specific skill sets. The
characters are vivid and each unique, with genuine emotions and
interpersonal relationships. The settings, particularly that of the
island, are described with an obviously personal appreciation, and
talent, by the author.
An exciting and fast-paced read, Fireworks is a wonderful book,
that gives ample reason to look for the first two in the series!
Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Nancy Morris, Allbooks Review.

Publisher: Authorhouse
ISBN: 978-1-4389-0068-1
Pages: 270
Price: $15.95
also available in hardcover, $25.99, ISBN 978-1-4389-0069-8.
Jan 2010

Hitting the High Notes

Genre: Womens Fiction
AUTHOR: Nan D. Arnold

Maggie’s life is rather ordinary until she meets sexy-as-all-get-out ‘Stavros’ at a convenient store one afternoon and goes to his place for drinks.
Forgetting her purse when Stavros rushes her out the door starts a series of events for Maggie that leave her head spinning, especially once gorgeous Detective Bruce “Red” Herring enters the picture.
Forty-something Maggie finds her hot flashes increasing in number as she tries to figure out which green-sock-wearing guy is the one worthy of seeing her in her best lingerie.
Told with a similar humoristic style to Janet Evanovich and Sarah Strohmeyer, Hitting the High Notes grabs the reader with a lot of lively dialogue and non-stop action. With a protagonist who needs cold bursts of air to temper her hot flashes, the author has created an amusing, down-to-earth character that many Boomers will find themselves relating to.
Nan D. Arnold is a member of Romance Writers of America. Her novel-length work has finaled in several RWA chapter-sponsored contests and The PACIFIC NORTHWEST WRITERS ASSOCIATION’S annual literary competition, adult, and romance genres respectively. Five manuscripts later, Hitting the High Notes landed a contract.
The story itself is fun and entertaining, but hard to enjoy due to the vast amount of editorial issues. Hitting the High Notes is a good read. Reviewer: Lisa Haselton, Allbooks Reviews.
Will be available through in Feb 2010.

Title: Hitting the High Notes
Author: Nan D. Arnold
Publisher: Champagne Books
Dec. 2009

Allbooks Reviews INTERVIEW: (Please put your answers in black)
Please state your name and location. (city and State or Province, Country)
Hello, I’m NAN D ARNOLD and I live in coastal Georgia (USA)

Tell us the title and publisher of your book:
HITTING THE HIGH NOTES, published by Champagne Books

Tell us about yourself:
I’m a former ass’t purchasing agent before I became an indentured servant working for my husband’s firm (grin). Currently, I’ve taken a year off to write full time. I’m also doing the “for better, for worse, and for lunch” thing as my husband recently retired. Between his visiting children and their off-spring, herding three cats, and every woman’s routine, there’s little time for sleep if I want to write. But I do it.

When was the book released? February 1st 2010

Give us an overview of your book.
A mildly neurotic woman meets an AWOL opera star by chance who is posing as something he’s not. Uncharacteristically, she agrees to join him for a glass of wine at his place. Someone knocks on his door, spooking him, and he urges heroine, Maggie Duncan, out his back door. Miffed, she rounds the building to reclaim her pride and her purse which possesses an irreplaceable photo of her deceased mother. It’s not mystery man who greets her but an Amazon who claims no one other than “she” is there and knows nothing about any handbag.

Maggie wants that photo! Many want opera man returned home before he garners negative press. A cop enters Maggie’s romantic sphere as well. Along the way, both men help her re=learn that life’s a song and at the end she endeavors to hit all the high notes from here on. One man lays claim to her heart but Maggie has baggage, lots of it. However, after many ups and downs, things work out in the sequel, PESTO PACKIN’ MAMA, a contemporary romance.

What inspired you to write this book?
I asked myself what would Carl Hiaasen write if he were a woman on the brink of menopause. (Not that I’m in his esteemed league!!!)

How is your book different from other books in this genre?
Maggie is off-kilter and a woman of age for one thing and it’s not your typical women’s saga or sibling rivalry sort of women’s fiction.

Where can people buy your book?
Details are available at my website:
Or, they may check out Champagne Books website after February 1st.

Are you working on another book? If so when do you expect it to be published?
As previously mentioned, PESTO PACKIN’ MAMA, a contemporary romance is scheduled for release JUNE 1st 2010 by Champagne Books.

If you self published, what advice can you give to fellow writers?
If published traditionally, tell us how you benefited:

Writing the novel is only the first step on a long hard road. There’s promotion which takes up a l-o-t of time and the stress of coming up with other publishable works in a timely manner to contend with.

Can you share one of your marketing successes with us?
Not presently. I’ll see how sales fare then give you an answer (grin).

How did you find Allbooks Reviews and what are you hoping for in your relationship with us?
A fellow author buddy suggested review sites other than standard romance venues. Your organization was on that list.

Was the low cost a surprise? What other things would you like Allbooks Reviews to offer writers?
The price was reasonable considering the potential exposure. The expedited review (I submitted my novel shortly after Thanksgiving) was a plus.

Thank you for this interview and best of luck with your book.
Thank you, as well. May you and your readers have a happy, healthy, prosperous new year.

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