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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Toast for You and Me, Vol.2

AUTHOR: Robert C. Valentine

In the twentieth century there was no greater cataclysm, natural or man-made than the Second World War. Less than a dozen countries remained technically neutral during the entire war from 1939 through its conclusion in 1945. Innumerable books have been written about it. Why would anyone want to read, much less write, another book about this conflict? It is necessary because this story can never be completely told. There are also so many angles and methods to convey this great struggle that there will be new material available for decades to come.

Robert Valentine has here written am interesting book that fits in very well the reading experiences of this reviewer. “A Toast for You and Me” can stand on its own or be an excellent adjunct to other histories of the period. This volume covers in detail the events of 1942 in a quite detailed manner. The two main reasons this book merits inclusion in most home libraries are its in depth coverage of the situation on the home front in the dark days of 1942 and the marvelous collection of photographs that help to illustrate the transition in the United States from an isolationist society to one that is dedicated to victory. This is all aside from its greatest gem: The exceedingly detailed timeline of the events of 1942.

This reviewer highly recommends this book to all readers. It is written in a clear and informative style. If the reader desires a typical academic tome, it is best to look elsewhere. This book is written for the common man; yet it does not condescend and is fact-filled, presenting an unapologetic look at America’s blemishes as well as her strengths in this uncertain time.
Reviewer: John D. Helman, M.A., Allbooks Reviews.

Author: Robert C. Valentine
Publisher: Dig-Cam Publishing
ISBN: 1-880633-84-2
Pages: 296
Price: $32.98 US
March 2010

Where You Are

Author: Michael Burns

What would happen if you lived in a small town most of your life in a dead-end job without much of a future of anything changing, except the seasons? The main character, Paul, is in such a place barely making enough to live on without his new bride also having to work and not liking this particular small town with nothing going on as far as any type of cultural activities, just the same old people doing the same old boring things, day in and day out.

His wife nags her husband Paul, to move to the west coast, and attend college. Moving is not something Paul has considered. He is also not sure about going to college. Paul’s only time away from his hometown was a stint in the army, then back to the same place, and losing contact with his high school friends.

Married around a year, Laura, Paul’s wife takes off one day with a note left for Paul that is cryptic at best. Has his wife Laura left him? Will they get back together? Will Paul finally leave his small town and the small town ways to the big city? The only way to find out is to read “Where You Are.” This reviewer is not going to spoil it for you.

“Where You Are” is a good read. If you like relationships and interesting situations, “Where You Are” is a book for you. This reviewer found the pace good, the characters true to life, engaging, and assigns a four star rating to “Where Are You.”

Available from publisher: allthingsthat, Amazon

Title: Where You Are
Author: Michael burns
Publisher: All Things That Matter Press
ISBN: 978-0-9840984-0-8
Pages: 246
Price: $16.99
Date February, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sarah's Socks: My World of Autism

Genre: Children’s Book

Authors: Litsa Kamateros & Nia Morfonios

It all started the day Sarah went outside in a pair of old smelly socks she picked up from the dirty laundry.

Who knew the everyday life of an autistic child could be so intriguing and sweet? As you chase Sarah in and around her school with the rest of her classmates, you will find yourself unconsciously lapsing back into familiar memories and habits.

Both Montrealers as well as core Canadians, Litsa Kamateros and Nia Morfonios have combined their artistic talents to sculpt this delightful short story. Such a heart-warming and humorous children’s book will undoubtedly hit a chord deep within. It is highly recommended by Boyu Huang, Allbooks Review.

ISBN number: 978-1-61633-023-1
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing Inc.
Number of pages: 26
Price: $13.95
Feb. 2010

A Freak's Journey: The Life and Times of a Circus Runaway

Genre: Adventure/Fiction
Author: Steven R. Roberts

An amazing historical backdrop of one special strong-willed man.

A Freak’s Journey is an exhilarating look of the true life story of Jim Stockley as told to the author by David Wood.

The author begins this extraordinary man’s life in a dam project, showcasing Stockley’s hard-shelled personality. From there the reader is taken to the past, reliving every single emotional upset, victory, and people Stockley had met that - in some way or the other - helped to shape and demean him to the point of nearly breaking down his spirit.

Mr. Roberts descriptive details of the 1930s and onward jump at you, drawing you immediately to the world he’s penned. His opening line:

Did you ever meet a guy who had a good job and you couldn’t for the life of you figure how he got it? hooked me; a simple question but one that has an enormous meaning. This emotional connection maintained evenly throughout the read, never once disconnecting me from the main character, and let me explain: I love to read novels about present day affairs, never have been interested reading anything that happened before my time. However, the author did a superb job with his descriptive details, mixture of dialogue that truly exemplified Stockley. But more than that – and this is why I loved this book – the novel contained virtues, loyalty, heartbreak, family situations, friendships, a battling court case to prove one’s innocence, and hardships that any reader at one point in their life will be able to connect and sympathize with.

Anyone that has experienced anything like this will truly dig deep into this novel and appreciate the storytelling talent of Mr. Roberts. I highly recommend A Freak’s Journey with no hesitation.

Lea Schizas, AllBooks reviewer.

Prepub review.