Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Words at Work by Lynda McDaniel

Genre: Business
Title: Words at Work
Author: Lynda McDaniel
Words at Work is exactly what is says it is, words to be used by professionals in the work environment. McDaniel is a writer and coach and she uses her experience to guide reluctant writers through the pitfalls of poor construction, etiquette and grammar. If you are in business in any capacity that requires written communication, your creation is your calling card, your introduction and ultimately, your resume. In this day of email and instant messages, many of us will never meet the person on the other side. In fact we may never even talk to them on a telephone. You will be judged solely on your written word.
As a professional, I have had the opportunity to read and use the wisdom from many self help books and the key is finding one that is timely, doesn’t demean and is immediately useful. McDaniel achieves this by teaching you the process from beginning to end, including the little used rough draft and self-critique. In order to become a good writer, you need to become your audience. McDaniel shows you how to see your writing through the eyes of others, how to target your audience and how to make more out of less.
I found her insight, experience and teaching style a very nice blend. Whether you are just starting out, well seasoned or just wondering if your style is helping or hurting, Words at Work will give you the answer. It is a great desk reference that I completely recommend.
Reviewed by Allbooks reviewer,Gregory J. Saunders
Association For Creative Business Writing,
ISBN 0-615-30426-5
Price $12.95

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