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How to Use Herbs, Nutrients & Yoga in Mental Health Care

Genre: Health/Psychology

Title: How to Use Herbs, Nutrients & Yoga in Mental Health Care

Authors: Richard P. Brown, MD Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD Philip R. Muskin, MD

This impressive, essential guidebook made me really take the time to read. As someone with a health care background and a person that suffers from some of the problems discussed, I learned and absorbed a great deal of useful and new information.

Striding along with today’s world of knowledge, where the consumer has the option of taking care of their own healthcare choices, these doctors/teachers have collectively researched, shared their outstanding knowledge, added a large dose of experience and produced an encyclopedia style, resource book. Their work instructs us on the integration of herbs, hormones, vitamins and Yoga with Western Style pharmaceuticals. The empathy is directed towards Mental Health Care.

Instead of just suggesting the herbs are good for a certain affliction, they systematically explain how each one works and why. They are not shy about the possible adverse effects, especially when mixing with medications or physical problems. I now have further insight into many subjects such as Alzheimer’s disease and what really happens to the brain. Using concise points, called Clinical Pearls, Case Studies and Tables, we learn how an herb like Rhodiola rosea can be taken alone or in combination with other medications. I believe I now truly understand how long term effects of continuous trauma or stress can physically affect our brain.

Ultimately the goal is complete remission, but even if the amount of prescription chemicals consumed could be cut down or the benefits enhanced with fewer detrimental side effects to the physical body, a huge benefit would be achieved. Am I passionate about the possibilities? Yes! I watch someone close to me deteriorate on a daily basis, her condition now being blamed on the adverse effects of years of the ingestion of pain medications, after multiple invasive surgeries.

Written in understandable layman’s terms, it is precisely detailed and should be an addition to the library of all mental healthcare providers, educators and health resource facilities. Many subjects are covered including ADD, Menopause, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and more. With textbook accuracy, the authors include a resource guide, glossary and index.

Dr. Brown is an expert in herbal medicine, first learning about plant medicine from his grandfather, in the hills of Kentucky. He teaches full-day courses on Integrative Psychiatry.

Dr. Brown has participated in yoga and meditative practices for over 30 years and is a certified teacher.

Dr. Gerbarg has lectured on a range of topics in psychiatry and psychoanalysis. She has become increasingly involved in research and writing about alternative and complementary medicine as well as the health benefits of mind-body practices.

Dr. Muskin’s specialties are psychosomatic medicine, psychopharmacology, and psychological aspects of medical illness. He teaches subjects such as mood disorders, AIDS, panic disorder and much more.

It is with applause, that I Highly Recommend this book. Reviewer: Cheryl Ellis, Allbook Reviews

Available through or your local bookseller.

Title: How to Use Herbs, Nutrients & Yoga in Mental Health Care
Authors: Richard P. Brown, MD Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD Philip R. Muskin, MD
Publisher: W. W. Norton
ISBN-13: 978-0-393-70525-6
Pages: 441
Price: USA $34.95 CAN $38.50 July 2009

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