Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Boys with Cars

Genre: Fiction/Women
Author: Pamela Swyers

“It was one of those evenings I’d always dreamt of, surrounded by everyone I loved”.

Adison and Ronnie, are the projected characters in this captivating, fictional life story. Growing up in a small town, situated near an air force base and Oklahoma City, the two girls become best friends. Raised by their fathers, they create a bond stronger than some twins, feeling each other’s jubilations, as well as the inevitable pain reality presents along life’s journey.
Just as time flies, so does this story. I abandoned my usual note taking, to allow myself the pleasure of becoming part of the flow. To feel the emotion and memories the author, Pamela Swyers, coaxes out of the reader.
Beginning as young teens, this duo survive the magic, along with heartache, of first love, and the thrill of ‘cruising down main street’, an activity which seems to transcend generations. They experience the emotional terror of traumatic events, such as David Koresh’s ranch under siege in Feb. 1993. They feel the sadness of saying goodbye to friends in order to move on with life.
These friends support each other through one of Mother Nature’s cruelest losses, and one of the greatest joys, birth. Feel the raw emotion of terror, when threatened with physical danger or imminent death!
As adulthood descends upon them, they marry, living their lives to the best of their abilities. Through trial and error, ultimately learn, you need to find your own peace, to be at peace with others.
The author, Pamela Swyers grew up in the small town Oklahoma. She has experienced the marvel of birth 3 times, the devastation of divorce, and the loss of their home due to Hurricane Andrew in Homestead, Florida 1992. She and her husband Bill Swyers, relocated with their 3 children to Dacula, Georgia, where today they are proud of their 21 years of marriage.
I would say my review reflects my feelings. This novel had me hooked from the prologue through the acknowledgments, not to mention the dedication, which were all written from the heart. Anyone would be proud to be a part of her immediate or extended family. I believe Pamela has just begun to tap into her talent.
Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Cheryl Heinrichs, Allbooks Review
Available through or your local book seller.
Title: Boys with Cars
Authors: Pamela Swyer
Publisher: Swyers Publishing (paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9843113-0-9
Pages: 234
Price: $9.34 US January 2010

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