Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Step Back In Time

Genre: Poetry coming soon
Author: Sharla Lee Shults

Step Back in Time is a collection of both meaningful and educational poems written in chronological order that are based on historical facts starting as early as the 17th century up until the present day. The compilation of Sharla Lee Shults’ poems is a timeline of everything our ancestors have lived through within the last four centuries; this includes everything from war, politics, and the fight against racism to fashion, music, and the evolution of television.

The author is able to create this image of a timeline by writing about different scenes from different parts of our history. At times, some of her word choice can seem a bit confusing since the targeted audience is of a younger age. In addition, at first glance her poems appear brief; however, she is still able to grasp the readers attention by writing catchy titles and incorporating both humorous and serious poems in her compilation.

But, what about the popcorn?

Were pilgrims the early munchers

Of that puffed corn treat,

Or someone else the launcher?


At dawn, despite the warnings of icebergs

The ship became swallowed by the sea.

Hundreds of cries echoed across the icy cold

As watery graves silenced each plea.


Sharla Lee Shults was born in Dothan, Alabama and graduated from Troy State University. Upon graduation, she became an educator but after only four years, ventured out into the business world and worked for St. Andrews Railway Company. After eleven years, Shults returned to teaching and now lives in Panama City, Florida with her husband and is retired from the Beacon Learning Center.

The author definitely knows how to pull at a readers heartstrings; all the while being informative yet entertaining. Not only will young readers instantly fall in love with her poetry, but also with history. Highly Recommended for readers who on their own time, want to learn more about their ancestors but who don’t necessarily want to have to open a text book.

Author: Sharla Lee Shults
Publisher: - PRE PB

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