Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beyond the Maps Boundary: A Timely Adventure

Genre: Fantasy/ebook

Title: Beyond the Map's Boundary: A Timely Adventure

Author: Nibi Soto, Illustrated by Chris Humphreys

They are the protectors and guardians of those trapped in time, and in each generation their journey begins again.

Mattie has grown up knowing nothing of her Inheritance, the complicated gift that will be bestowed on her upon her mother's death. She has never had any idea of the high destiny people in her mother's line have had for ages. When her mother disappears, she is forced to learn all this the hard way, and there is someone who does not want her to live to use her new talents.

Beyond the Map's Boundary is somehow both charming and tense, and the world the characters inhabit is deep and complicated, perfect for realistic fantasy. The only dark spot is that the characters are never allowed to flesh out as "real" people. Soto seems to wish for simplicity in the personalities of her creations, but what results are two-dimensional people who act in ways that seem to have no reason. The reader may get the sense that the author wanted something to happen, and made her characters do whatever it took to achieve that, even if this meant strange or contradictory behaviour. This could perhaps be linked to the author's desire to make this a tale for all ages, but this method does not quite succeed. If Soto continues the story in another book (and I hope she does), more emphasis on the characters will lead to a much more fleshed out narrative, and more compelling dialogue.

Nimi Soto's education has been varied and eclectic, and she draws on this wealth of experience in her creative projects. She currently lives in Utah, surrounded by family.

The action is riveting, and the plot will absolutely draw the reader in. The level of detail demands that this story be re-read and appreciated for its nuances. However, the weakness of the character voices and personalities make this an Average read.

Reviewer: J.Blackmore, Allbooks Reviews.
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Title: Beyond the Map's Boundary

Author: Nibi Soto, illustrated by Chris Humphreys

Publisher: Thornock International Productions, Inc.

ISBN: 0-6152882-51

Pages: 309

Price: $9.95

October 2009

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