Monday, July 12, 2010

Sarah's Socks: My World of Autism

Genre: Children’s Book

Authors: Litsa Kamateros & Nia Morfonios

It all started the day Sarah went outside in a pair of old smelly socks she picked up from the dirty laundry.

Who knew the everyday life of an autistic child could be so intriguing and sweet? As you chase Sarah in and around her school with the rest of her classmates, you will find yourself unconsciously lapsing back into familiar memories and habits.

Both Montrealers as well as core Canadians, Litsa Kamateros and Nia Morfonios have combined their artistic talents to sculpt this delightful short story. Such a heart-warming and humorous children’s book will undoubtedly hit a chord deep within. It is highly recommended by Boyu Huang, Allbooks Review.

ISBN number: 978-1-61633-023-1
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing Inc.
Number of pages: 26
Price: $13.95
Feb. 2010

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