Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Toast for You and Me, Vol.2

AUTHOR: Robert C. Valentine

In the twentieth century there was no greater cataclysm, natural or man-made than the Second World War. Less than a dozen countries remained technically neutral during the entire war from 1939 through its conclusion in 1945. Innumerable books have been written about it. Why would anyone want to read, much less write, another book about this conflict? It is necessary because this story can never be completely told. There are also so many angles and methods to convey this great struggle that there will be new material available for decades to come.

Robert Valentine has here written am interesting book that fits in very well the reading experiences of this reviewer. “A Toast for You and Me” can stand on its own or be an excellent adjunct to other histories of the period. This volume covers in detail the events of 1942 in a quite detailed manner. The two main reasons this book merits inclusion in most home libraries are its in depth coverage of the situation on the home front in the dark days of 1942 and the marvelous collection of photographs that help to illustrate the transition in the United States from an isolationist society to one that is dedicated to victory. This is all aside from its greatest gem: The exceedingly detailed timeline of the events of 1942.

This reviewer highly recommends this book to all readers. It is written in a clear and informative style. If the reader desires a typical academic tome, it is best to look elsewhere. This book is written for the common man; yet it does not condescend and is fact-filled, presenting an unapologetic look at America’s blemishes as well as her strengths in this uncertain time.
Reviewer: John D. Helman, M.A., Allbooks Reviews.

Author: Robert C. Valentine
Publisher: Dig-Cam Publishing
ISBN: 1-880633-84-2
Pages: 296
Price: $32.98 US
March 2010