Friday, August 20, 2010

Book of Eli

Genre: Fiction/Humor
Author: Sam Moffie

The Book of Eli arrived in my office on a very busy day. After the first chapter, I thought, ‘Just another self centered, sex crazed hero- this is going to be a long, difficult read.’ Well let me tell you that I was pleasantly surprised.

Our hero, Eli Canaan, who is indeed a sex maniac, is basically a “Good man,” or so he thinks. When Eli wakes up in Heaven, things begin to change. This author’s flamboyant imagination takes readers on an interesting journey. Eli’s guide in Heaven is none other than Groucho Marx. The guide introduces Eli to many distinguished characters: Freud, atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair, Ayn Rand, Buddha and, of course, Jesus. God has a mission for Eli, a very important mission.

You will laugh out loud at the antics of angel guide, Julius Henry Marx (Groucho). The characters are lively, bold and entertaining. The book’s message of salvation is subtle but inspiring.

Author Sam Moffie’s previous books are award winners. He resides with his family in Youngstown, Ohio where he owns a bar.

The Book of Eli is an eye opener. Readers will laugh, but more important they will question. Hopefully by questioning one’s own existence and making positive changes, improvements that will eventually affect all of humankind will take place. Bravo Sam Moffie!

Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review.
Available: and
Publisher:Mill City Publishing
ISBN: 978-1936107353
No. of Pages: 147
Price: $14.95
March 2010

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