Friday, November 6, 2009

As Long As He Needs Me

Genre: Psychological Romance

Title: As Long as He Needs Me

Author: Mary Verdick

Author, Mary Verdick has written a romance novel for today’s times. While most romances end when the couple finally overcome obstacles and get together, As Long as He Needs Me spans thirty five years of marriage. In essence this romance is saying, “Here’s the rest of the story.”

A middle-aged couple, Clem and Kitty Johanssen, who have had their share of ups and downs in marriage, embark on a cruise to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. Before the ship ever sets sail, two young swindlers get all of their cash. This incident starts their vacation on a sour note and soon through a series of slowly revealed flashbacks we learn the true history of their relationship.

Clem seems to withdraw within himself and Kitty reacts by finding solace in an array of different characters on the ship. It seems that although this marriage has lasted thirty- five years, it may not last until the end of the cruise! As the chasm widens between the couple, the reader is privy to the hard work and compromise that is takes in this day and age to make a marriage work. We see the fears, weaknesses and strengths of Clem and Kitty.

I read this book in it’s entirety in one day. I wanted to see what would happen to this relationship. By the end of the book, Ms. Verdick has created the feeling that the Johanssen’s are real people and the reader cares about what happens to this relationship. A good read and a good story.

Reviewed by: Donetta Garman, Allbooks Review

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 978-1432724276

List price: $16.95

Nov 2009

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