Monday, November 9, 2009

Nutshell Guides

Genre: Astrology/Yoga/Chinese Medicine/I-Ching

Title: Nutshell Guides: I-Ching, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga and Astrology

Authors: Susan Hui, Ines Laimins and Lorie Torpey

A tiny boxed set of four guides that will peak your curiosity from the moment you open the box.

Four guides that contain charts and bullet points, are quick and easy to read, entertaining and fun, all in one box! Yoga, takes you through the poses, explains the breathing technique and introduces energy. Astrology, describes ascendants, planets, sun signs, and houses, giving readers a brief yet complete picture of astrology. Traditional Chinese Medicine, explains Nature and the Five Phases and how they affect you. The Zang-fu Theory is discussed. I –Ching, gives readers an Interpretation Chart. Each individual guide will answer your questions, give you inspiration and start you on your way to a new discovery. The format is new and interesting, little fold out charts instead of pages. The books fuse Eastern and Western philosophy, wellness and lifestyles, presented in a charming and entertaining style. Four great guides in a “Nutshell.” Great gift idea for those interested in Holistic practices or those that are just curious.

Susan Hui, Ines Laimins and Lorie Tropey live in Hong Kong. They call themselves the “Nutshell Girls.” Susan is from Hong Kong, while Ines and Lorie are originally from the US. The girls’ backgrounds include banker and former TCM enthusiast, dentist and current astrologer, and former fashion editor now a yoga teacher- Great credentials for creating these handy little guides.

Highly recommended for everyone spiritual and/or curious on your gift list by Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review.

Publisher: Nutshell Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-988-17966-1-5

Pages: 4 tiny guides in boxed set

Price: $39.99 US

Distribution everywhere

Nov 2009

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