Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Judas Ride

Genre: Fiction, Christian, General

Title: The Judas Ride

Author: Peggy Sue Yarber, PhD

Imagine an unwed pregnant teenager, drug and alcohol addiction, rape, broken homes, abuse and the setting of a poor neighborhood ruled by street gangs. Add to the mix, Pastor Manny, an eccentric, immigrant pastor that worships John Wayne and follows sports and who wants to make a difference.

Young, 16 year-old Sonia is pregnant, with the possibility of two different fathers. She is being rebellious and leaves her middle class neighborhood to run with the “bad boys”. Once she is pregnant, she enjoys the attention, but too soon reality sets in.

“I hate this baby, I want it out of me. I want to be pretty again,” Sonia whined in a shrill voice.

“The baby is mine, right? And I say you have it and that’s final.

“You only want me to have it so I’m ugly and no one will want me….

As each chapter unfolds, in the fast paced, gripping book, we are reminded of the consequences of our actions and the dangers of going so far there seems to be no way out. Hence, the title The Judas Ride. Once Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus by kissing him on the check and the coming chain of events were set in motion, the “ride” could not be stopped.

The assortment of troubled characters seems to be taken out of the tragic headlines of the evening news, as they wind their way into the heart. The violence and darkness, if not condoned, becomes understood as each of the character’s lives comes to light. Tragedy lurks just around the corner and secrets kill; but hope lingers, as a pastor’s unconditional love and often-harsh words inspire hardened hearts to turn to God.

Miss Yarber has raised the awareness of the struggles and plight of too many of today’s youth. This novel gives the reader a conscience and we can no longer sit back in the safety of our suburban and rural homes and turn a blind eye to what is happening, a neighborhood at a time, in cities across our nation.

The eclectic cast and riveting story, not to mention the imaginative book cover, create a book that I would highly recommend to others.

Reviewed by: Donetta Garman, Allbooks Review www.allbookreviews.com

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-60799-801-3

List price: $15.99

Oct 2009

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