Friday, December 11, 2009

The Lost Gate

Genre: Fantasy
Author: R. D. Williams

Imagine if you will, a world of Wizards, Knights, and Elves, then add Gremlins, Goblins ans creatures of darkness intent upon domination through fear and slaughter. Long ago their world was nearly held in sway by a great evil, and now that same darkness threatens to cover all the lands once again.
This is a story for readers, who enjoy the realms of fantasy such as are provided by J. R. Tolken.
The story moves at a good clip with frequent skirmishes at the start, which build to frequent battles as the race against the evil forces escalates.
Unnaturally dark and gloomy weather adds a foreboding background as the main heroes in the story, Geltharin and Delphine, trek from one devastated village to another to join with forces who they aid and who will aid them in their quest to stop a seemingly invincible evil. Along the way, a romance of equals develops between these proud warriors of different cultures and races, who must hold their growing love in check, to meet the demands of war.
I found the dialog and narrative writing more than sufficient to create the scenes and the characters but sometimes wished the narrative was a little crisper, not because there was anything wrong with the writing but because I was anxious to learn what might happen next.
R. D. Williams lives and writes in Ohio where he is presently working on a sequel as is given away in the last line of the book: “Little did they know that their adventures were far from over. But that is yet another story....”
This is a good and fun read, and I highly recommend it to all who enjoy fantasy.
Reviewer: Pete Klein, Allbooks Reviews.

Title: The Lost Gate
Author: R. D. Williams
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN-10: 1432708090
ISBN-13: 978-1432708092
Price: $13.95
Nov 2009

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