Friday, December 4, 2009

The Secret in the Forest

Genre: Children

Author: Sheila Adam McIntyre

The Secret in the Forest is a tantalizingly mysterious novel with a touch of danger and a sprinkle of humour. Two adventure-loving adolescent boys ventured into the dark and much rumoured forest. During their time, it was the forbidden fruit of the town of Jacobsville, Wisconsin. However, they still continued on, spurred by the intriguing tale of an elder, Mr. Grayson. Although discouraged at first, they walked deeper and deeper into the forest where hey found a rotten old shack and a hynotizingly haunting and ghostly sight. Realizing that a ghastly crime had been committed, with the police disbelieving and the threat of grounding, it was up to them to figure out who did it BEFORE anyone else got hurt.

Sheila Adam McIntyre is an excellent author, writing from her own experience of growing up in a small rural town called St. Jacobs in Ontario, Canada. That simple country lifestyle has given life to the little dusty old town of Jacobsville, which I suspect is derived from the name "St.Jacob." A fascinating tale that shouldn't be missed! Highly Recommended by Cecilia Lee, Allbooks Review.

ISBN: 0-7414-4409-6
Pages: 84
Price: US $9.95
Nov. 2009

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