Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dragon's Hat: Who was Noah?

Genre: Religious Fiction
Author: Jack Dunn

Oliver and Justine visit Eridu, now known as Abu Shah Rain, southeast of Baghdad. They return to the Enki’s temple to retrieve the Tablet of Time that they hid on their last visit. Unfortunately, someone has removed it and other artifacts in their absence.
Meanwhile, back in New York City Jonathan and Lisa, who work for the Whiting Foundation attempt to discover the truth about the Private Security Company and the CIA’s involvement. There is some evidence that the Vatican is also involved.
Father Luke and Father Joshua follow the trail of the tablets to Berlin. The trail leads them to the Berlin Zoo, where the tablets surface, but are guarded by evil spirit who is attempting to sell them.
How do these 6 characters come together and what will they discover? Are the beliefs of the world’s religions, both current and ancient, the same after all? Is one faith’s God the same as another, with only slight variations on the legends and stories? Who was Noah and how does he influence modern day destiny?
Jack Dunn’s previous books, The Vatican Boys and Babylon’s Tablet of Destiny introduce his theories and talent for intense research. The books are works of fiction, but the author gives readers something to think about with his conspiracy theory and covert operations. His spin on the religious folklore is interesting.
Recommended by Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review.
Publisher: Raider Publishing
ISBN: 978-1935383956
Jan. 2010

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