Thursday, March 18, 2010


Genre: Adventure/Mystery

Author: Paul J. Mila

In Pakistan, a U.S. Navy Seal uncovers a terrorist plot against
America, somehow involving the Queen of England. The details are
murky, but the potential for death and destruction are terrifying. The
CIA and New York police department must work quickly to uncover the
details and prevent a disaster.
Fireworks, is the third in a series by Paul Mila about Terry and Joe
Manetta and their heroic dolphin friend, Notchka. Happily raising
their children in the beautiful tourist island of Cozumel, Mexico, the
couple is called upon by the NYPD to help prevent a terrorist attack
against the Queen Mary and New York City. Notchka's keen dolphin
instincts, with help from Terry's training, proves indispensable, but
the threat doesn't end there, and the family finds themselves deeply
entrenched in the terrorists' plans.
Paul J. Mila is an avid scuba enthusiast, with great respect for the
conservation of the ocean and the creatures in it, often appearing at
speaking engagements on the subject. As well as having written the
three books in this series, his underwater photography has appeared in
magazines and websites.
Fireworks is a cleverly written novel, filled with not only
adventure and entertainment, but with many informative facts about
every facet of the story, from dolphins and scuba diving, to New York
and Cozumel. It is quickly apparent that the author has real
experience in the areas of which he writes, which is crucial for
producing a novel that involves such specific skill sets. The
characters are vivid and each unique, with genuine emotions and
interpersonal relationships. The settings, particularly that of the
island, are described with an obviously personal appreciation, and
talent, by the author.
An exciting and fast-paced read, Fireworks is a wonderful book,
that gives ample reason to look for the first two in the series!
Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Nancy Morris, Allbooks Review.

Publisher: Authorhouse
ISBN: 978-1-4389-0068-1
Pages: 270
Price: $15.95
also available in hardcover, $25.99, ISBN 978-1-4389-0069-8.
Jan 2010

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