Saturday, March 20, 2010

Self Murder

Genre: Fiction

Author: Robert Scott Leyse

SELF-MURDER. “Do you dare to fall in love?” asks the narrator of Self-Murder, and
then answers by detailing an instance of attraction to a "breath-stealing" beauty, which swiftly becomes an obsessive fixation, such that all else melts from his awareness, his sanity is stretched to its limits and madness threatens to engulf him.
Thus begins the tale of a man who plays mind games with himself as he invites you “dear reader” to follow him down the pathways of a developing criminal mind.

Of course, like many of those who follow this pathway, his problem is totally the fault of beautiful women. His lust is not his lust. It is all the fault of the beautiful and mysterious curves of young and supple women. The narrator visits peep shows and solicits young women for excesses in sensual delights, and adds prolonged sleep deprivation to erode his tenuous hold on rationality. What is real and what is imagined become totally confused to the point where both narrator and reader wonder if murder or even several murders take place before the end.

This is a good/fun read, though a tad confusing at times. But what would you expect
when entering the mind of the insane. A note to women: This is not a character you would ever want to meet. He is the extreme example of men who blame women for all their woes.

As previously mentioned, the style can be confusing because you are taken into an
increasingly unstable mind. I enjoyed the romp maybe because I rooted for the girls and wished one of them would put an end to his madness by being crazier than him

Robert Scott Leyse was born in San Francisco, grew up in various locales about America, lived in Paris for a spell, and now resides in Manhattan. He has worked as a New York cab driver, on the night shift, and has over a dozen years of experience in the legal field. His first novel, Liaisons for Laughs: Angie & Ella's Summer of Delirium appeared in July, 2009.

Self-Murder is his second novel. Visit him online at:
"This is a good/fun read I can highly recommend to readers searching for something different and don't mind entering the mind of the insane." Reviewer: Peter Klein, Allbooks Reviews.

Publisher: ShatterColors Press
ISBN: 978-0-9821710-2-8
Pages: 224
Price: $26.95
Jan, 2010

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