Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hidden in the Sun


Genre: Adventure/Romance

Author: CA Bodiford

Author, CA Bodiford, has written an adventure filled story. Sarah is content living the single life, when she reconnects with someone from her past. They marry and the real saga begins. Sarah finds herself as the wife of a wealthy man and with a seemingly charmed life. As their relationship changes, violence and deceitfulness destroy her world. Fleeing for her life, she must start all over again in a new life with a new identity.

Meanwhile, Jackson, a police detective, is working the case of a missing woman who seemingly was harmed and kidnapped. The case goes terribly wrong and he, too, seeks refuge in a new place.

A chance encounter brings the two main characters together, yet they can never fully love until they learn to trust one another. Will they be able to forget their past lives and move on, or will their lives remain Hidden in the Sun.

Ms. Bodiford has created believable and endearing characters with “sit on the edge of your seat” circumstances. Adult situations and language, along with graphic details, limit this book to mature readers.

Recommended for anyone wishing to escape in the pages of a good book!
Reviewed by: Donetta Garman, Allbooks Review

Publisher: Publish America
ISBN: 978-1-61582-748-0
List price: $19.95
January 2010
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